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qeeg neurofeedback
Dr. K. Luan Phan adjusts a patients electrode cap during a qEEG assessment.

Neurofeedback Clinics is a group of neurofeedback doctors and clinicians committed to finding the correct diagnosis for brain based disabilities and disorders through qEEG assessment by analyzing the activity of brain waves in each of the 6 critical areas of the brain. We then provide a “non invasive, results driven” treatment plan without side effects through Neurofeedback therapy sessions. Our core focus is to help those suffering with neurological disorders find relief through drugless therapy. We are passionate about helping those suffering with ADHD, Adult ADD, PTSD, Anxiety, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Depression, and so much more.

A typical neurofeedback therapy session will last for half an hour to an hour. During the session, the clinician hooks small non invasive electrodes to various parts of the head of the patient. The clinician then asks the patient to play a brain stimulating game or watch a movie. The neurofeedback technician then adjusts the settings through careful tuning so that the patient receives rewards based on optimal brainwave patterns. If the patient’s brainwaves fall out of the desired pattern, the movie or game will stop or slow until the former returns to the desired pattern. When the brain creates an optimal pattern, the neurofeedback technology will allow the game or movie to continue.